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“Pacific Northwest Lifestyle Blog?”

We started this as a travel blog around 2018 but then found that more of our adventures were close to home.

And we love it here!

So we added an events calendar, then re-added it after the pandemic had eased and events started back up. What you’ll find here we often think of as a “granola.” We cannot seem to stay on one topic, so it’s a mix: PNW, trivia, events, information about outdoor gear, cycling, travel, and photography. We tend to write about what we’re enjoying doing at the time, but plan to start adding more about specific townsand place to visit — starting with our own, at some point!

We also welcome post contributions from members, as well as starting groups on some related topics.

Here are our latest posts:

Recent Videos

We just started putting our videos into a gallery, starting with new ones. These are from our YouTube or Vimeo channels and do not include our self-hosted video clips as of yet.

Here’s some of what you’ll find and where you’ll find it!

We’ve organized much of our content into “hubs” of related material. If you want to subscribe to a particular area by email, you can visit our newsletters page and customize what you receive.


Our PNW Hub includes content about the PNW be it things to do, places to go, or thoughts on the area.

Events Calendar

Our calendar features events from around the PNW, but with a primary focus on Western Washington State, where we live. We may also include online events out of the area but with a focus on travel, photography, nature, etc.


We love to travel, and have more to write on the subject! These days, however, our primary focus is on our local area. We also welcome travel posts from guest authors.


Posts about photography, photography books, thoughts on the craft.


Image galleries. Some are stock photography that you can purchase. Some is of events and may be downloadable. Some are related to posts on this website, and some are cooperative galleries to which you may contribute.


We feature enamel pins that we’ve designed, some of our own, handmade stuff, and may sometimes add a PNW or outdoorsy item from elsewhere that we like.


We sometimes read and review or write about books about the PNW, written by local authors, or books on a travel or PNW theme be it fiction or non-fiction. We also read and review off-topic books from time to time.


We love bikes! So sometimes we write about them. Our own cycling has changed over the years but we believe that, whatever type of bike you ride, or where you ride it, you’re a “real” cyclist!


We like to try things — so we write about them from time to time. Things like bike gear, outdoors gear, etc.

Nature & Wildlife

At some point we noticed…birds. And we love other wildlife, of course…so sometimes we write about them.

Trivia (and polls)

Challenge your knowledge with trivia quizzes. We don’t have many yet but we plan to add more! We also sometimes add polls about different topics. Members can also create polls on related subjects.

Groups and Forums

Join or start a group on a topic related to one of the topics on this website. We may start a few a bit off-topic as well. Each group may have its own forum.

“PNWWiki” Glossary

We found ourselves sometimes wanting to write mini-posts or adjunct posts to complement our articles. So we put a glossary on our site to add snippets about things that we love from bike parts to public street art.


We added a routes feature so we could share favorite bike routes and day hikes. Logged in members are also welcome to add and share their favorite routes.

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